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This webpage is no longer available due to lack of funding to keep the webpage going.

If you want state payroll and vendor data to be available to the public please visit www.caesarrodney.org and consider making a generous contribution to help us keep Transparent Delaware going.

Caesar Rodney Institute


Limited Government and
Free Market Views in Delaware


The Caesar Rodney Institute is committed to keeping the Transparent Delaware website free and accessible to the public. However, there is a cost to retrieving and posting this data. Your generous donation ensures that Transparent Delaware continues, expands and keeps the books of Delaware state and local governments open.

The Caesar Rodney Institute does not accept, nor has ever received any contribution or grant from a federal, state, or local government or public entity.

Please donate by

 clicking here or sending your check to:

The Caesar Rodney Institute

Attn: Transparent Delaware
Post Office Box 795 
Dover, DE 19903

Please make checks payable to:
The Caesar Rodney Institute